Islamophobia in China: Injustice Against the Uyghur Muslims

Uyghurs being Targeted by Chinese government

While Muslims are a minority in China representing 0.45-2.85% of the entire population, there are approximately 12 million Uyghurs living in Xinjiang, which majority of them are Muslim and practicing the religion of Islam. In 2020, China has put millions of Muslims through concentration camps as an attempt to make them forego their Islamic values, and uphold Chinese communist narratives. It goes from from forced labour to sterilization of women to numerous genocides against the Muslim Ummah. The Chinese government targets and attacks Uyghurs undercover, while denying the allegations of taking away their human rights.

China generally is anti-religious and doesn’t support any religious figures and practices in general. They have destroyed Mosques and Tombs, and other places of worship. More than a million Uyghurs have been imprisoned well over a thousand years. In a 2010 study, Uyghurs in China has made up over 40% of the entire population, as the years go by the numbers decline rapidly as 2.2 million Uyghurs were killed in a Massacre in the last decade. Just recently in 2022, more than 1 million Muslims have been detained against their will. A news report on CNN has exposed the Chinese government for the harsh treatment of Uyghurs (you can find the link below). Unfortunately, Chinese imperialism has been pushed into people for years and years.

But hey what did you expect from a full on Kuffar Country?!


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Showcasing Best Restaurants Businesses Owned by Black People

Jerome Robinson: The Heartbreak Chef

U.S Crusades Grows to Toronto to Advance Black-Claimed Eateries

As the city plans for its yearly Toronto Caribbean Carnival, a different association has gotten an early advantage featuring Black-Owned Eateries to assist them with flourishing.

Black Restaurant Week (BRW) just enveloped with Toronto, where it advanced and praised kinds of African-American, African, and Caribbean cooking. A few Black-Claimed eateries and gourmet specialists partook in the mission that expects to renew those culinary organizations that battled during the pandemic.

“Toronto’s our most memorable global market,” said BRW overseeing accomplice Falayn Ferrell. “It has such an extraordinary Caribbean culture, it was enjoyable to grandstand the variety that is happening there.”


Oppression In The Middle East Has Nothing To Do With Islam

There have been lot’s of offensive remarks going around about the religion of Islam by the Western media, but it’s important to note that RELIGION DOESN’T EQUAL CULTURE. It is very important to understand that there have been lot’s of injustice in the Middle East, as I have recently have reported about Women’s rights being taken away in the Arab world, but it doesn’t excuse Islamophobia, and the hatred of Muslims. Islam is the religion of justice and peace, and there are many verses in the Quran and Sunnah (Hadiths) about human rights and equity.

While you could say most Arabs are Muslims, but most Muslims aren’t Arab, in fact the country with the largest Muslim population is Indonesia. I would also like to point out (as a Muslim woman myself), that there have been many issues in the Middle East as well as every part of the world that go completely against Islam and the holy Quran and Sunnah.


Supreme Court Bans Abortion Rights

USA 2022

Roe V. Wade Revoked

The United States of America, a country that is known for carrying weapons under their pillows has recently banned women from getting a safe abortion, and is yet again controlling women’s bodily anatomy. Women all over America and some in Europe has been protesting for their reproductive rights and is soon to take back their control of pregnancy especially for the ones who got pregnant through sexual assault, or has a risk for their pregnancy to be lethal. There is absolutely no reason why a group of cells that go through many stages of development before it becomes alive cannot be terminated safely.


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Violence Against Women and Girls in the Middle East

Amaan, Jordan. Link to photo found at

The heartbreaking news of Femicide and Honour killings in the Middle East still continues up to the modern day. Just recently a girl who is a student at a university was shot by several men in Jordan. When she was taken immediately to the hospital and the next day it was discovered that she passed away. There have been many examples of Female genocide in the Arab world and people’s rights, especially women’s rights being stripped due to war and the colonization of the U.S.

It has been estimated in a good portion of Arab states that 37% of women have come across abuse and violence once in their life time. 1 in 3 women have came across domestic violence, in some countries in the Middle East that percentage went up to 70%. In Afghanistan women are being banned from getting an education and being killed. America getting involved in the conflicts have made it significantly worse as they don’t let these countries progress.



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Islamophobia in India

Recently, a lot of Muslims have been facing poor treatment and discrimination in India. There have been numerous offensive remarks to the holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and his wife Aisha RA. According to Wikipedia approximately 10,000 Muslims have been killed in India due to communal violence in the 1950’s. Newly, a huge riot broke out between Indians and Muslims, Mosques were fire bombed, mass shootings from Indian arm forces for defending the Prophet (PBUH), and demolishing their homes.

Muslim’s homes being destroyed

That being said, Muslims in India and in other countries continue to protest for their human rights and freedom and to defend the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his wife Aisha. One of the most famous modern Islamic scholars Dr. Zakir Naik has spoken up about the issue and suggests that Hindus and Muslims can unite based on their similarities. Click on the link below for more information


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Climate Change: Weather

Recent climate change in 2022 has its impacts, adaption and vulnerability. Since April the global temperature has remained and is remaining at a 0.85*C (1.53*F). It has been just above the standard for the 20th century weather since 2010, as one of the top 5 humid weather environments.

Mitigation and Adaption for Climate Change

This affect of climate change could possibly cause more species to go extinct, and it would be next to impossible for it to be reversible. In the year of 2050 there will be at least a billion people who won’t have homes or other accommodations due to massive storms according to a recent climate report from the UN.

The IPCC (Working Group ll) has been assessing and dealing with the issue as they explain how the weather and climate and been affecting humans and the natural environment. They have been working with researchers on how to adapt and solve the issue. Check out the links below for more information.


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